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Bink is directed by me, Jeff Roberts, but it was written and researched by lots of folks at RAD - mostly Fabian Giesen, Casey Muratori and I. The basic way you use it is mostly me, though, so if you have trouble or want something to be easier or different, then complain to me!

Here's a quick list of people I'd like to thank:

  • Everyone at RAD, of course - my goodness, I work with the smartest people!
  • Fabian Giesen, Casey Muratori, Mark Engelberg, Mike Abrash, Mike Sartain, Lee Powell, Terje Mathison, John Miles, Danjel McGougan, Mike Arnquist - all the awesome folks that have worked on Bink with me over the years!
  • Dan Thompson for doing most of the platform porting for me!
  • Casey Muratori for the great documentation system that Bink uses.
  • David Lawrence, David Etherton, Jason Dorie and Phillip Hutchinson, and everyone else that helped with porting and optimizing Bink on various platforms and GPUs.
  • Access Software - The initial inspiration for Smacker which, years later, begat Bink. They are no more, alas.
  • AMD - Thanks to AMD for their kind support during the development of Bink for Windows 64 and Bink GPU.
  • Independent JPEG Group - This software is based in part on the work of the Independent JPEG Group.
  • Our Bink and Smacker customers - too many to list individually now a days, but thanks to all of them for the great ideas.

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