Oodle Data Compression and IO

Oodle Compression

Oodle is a family of data compression solutions with incredible world-beating performance. Make your game smaller to download, make your levels load faster, and compress your network packets for better player experience and to save money on bandwidth! Oodle slashes the time from download to playing the game.

Introducing: Oodle Texture!

Oodle Texture is a new library for creating BC1-BC7 block-compressed textures for GPUs.

Oodle Texture works great with Oodle Data Compression but can be used with any back end compressor.

Read about everything that's new in Oodle.

Oodle Data Compression provides the fastest and highest ratio compressors for game data. There's a perfect Oodle compressor for every need.

Oodle Texture dramatically reduces the size of block-compressed BC1-BC7 textures for GPUs. Oodle Texture RDO can reduce texture file sizes by up to 50%!

Oodle Network Compression can compress UDP or TCP packets like nothing else, saving bandwidth for your players and servers.

New versions of Oodle are continuously being released, see the Oodle change log for details.

Oodle gives you all the tools to compress your game data right, cross-platform and ready to use out of the box. Save yourself the headache and let Oodle deal with it! Email us to get an evaluation SDK!

Speed and compression to suit your needs

Oodle provides several novel data compression algorithms which have different trade-offs of compression and speed.

You can easily switch between them to find the optimal balance of compression ratio versus speed and memory use for your game, by just changing one parameter. Mix and match super-fast and high compression as you see fit.

Leviathan, Kraken, Mermaid and Selkie are all the best in the world in their domain, often 10× faster to decode than competition with comparable compression ratio.

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Oodle is easy to use

Oodle drops right in to your data pipeline. Oodle can be run with no allocations and no initialization.

Just load a buffer and call Decompress!

Use the same tools and package on every platform.Oodle gets the best out of each platform without the need for different solutions. Oodle supports Windows, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, PS3, Xbox 360, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS, with optimized routines for every architecture.

Oodle has the same API and file formats across all platforms!

Save bandwidth with Oodle Networking packet compression

Oodle Network Compression reduces game bandwidth by 25% - 80%! Oodle can even compress game packets that have already been delta'ed and bit-packed. It even works on tiny UDP packets!

Oodle Network easily drops in to the network stack of any engine. It's one simple call that doesn't change your networking architecture.

Oodle Network Compression uses way less memory per channel than zlib, and zero memory per UDP channel!

Read more about Oodle Network Compression.

Use a little Oodle or a lot

Integrating Oodle is very easy, and the impact on your code is minimal. Oodle gives you cross-platform sophisticated data compression in a simple C-style interface. Oodle doesn't force any of its systems on you; it exposes several layers of API so that the pieces can be used independently.

Try it!

Oodle is easy to use, cross platform, and super fast. Don't take our word for it, email us for a free evaluation SDK.
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