Oodle Data Compression and IO

Oodle Data Compression

The Oodle SDK provides simple stand-alone lossless data compressors for you to integrate in your pipeline. Oodle's unique compression algorithms are super fast to decode, with a range of compression ratios to suit a variety of applications.

New in Oodle - Leviathan! Leviathan is the big brother to the revolutionary Oodle Kraken. Leviathan gets higher compression ratios, while only decoding a little more slowly than Kraken.

The right compressor for you

Oodle offers a range of compressors that run the gamut from high compression to super fast, so you can choose the one that's best for your game. When one Oodle compressor doesn't fit the bill, another one will. Oodle's compressors are also uniquely tuneable to trade off compressed size vs decode speed to hit the perfect balance for your application.

  • Oodle Leviathan gets the highest compression ratios, comparable to 7z/LZMA, but decodes 10× faster.
  • Oodle Kraken offers high compression with super-fast decoding - 3-5× faster than zlib, with way more compression.
  • Oodle Mermaid offers mid-level compression (better than zlib) with insanely fast decoding - 5-10× faster than zlib. Loading data compressed with Mermaid is even faster than loading uncompressed data from disk!
  • Oodle Selkie offers lower compression ratios but the fastest decodes, faster than LZ4 but with better compression. Eliminate decode time!
You can easily mix and match the Oodle compressors to achieve your target data size or load time.

Oodle decompression is incredibly fast

Oodle decompression is not a small speedup vs the competition, it's massively faster at every compression ratio level. Oodle will drastically reduce the CPU time spent on decompression in your application.

Loading one gigabyte with 7z/LZMA takes 20 seconds, the same gigabyte with Oodle Kraken takes less than 1 second. Oodle makes it possible to use powerful compression all the time, without making your users wait for decompression.

Oodle runs great on every platform

Oodle uses the same data format on every platform, so your pipeline doesn't need to change, but the decompressors are custom designed to make use of SIMD and other special features of the platform. Unlike standard compressors, the Oodle compression algorithms were designed from scratch to work with the quirks of current game platforms.

Oodle is so fast that running the compressors and saving or loading compressed data is faster than just doing IO of uncompressed data. Oodle can decompress faster than the hardware decompression on PS4 and XBox One.

Squeeze your GPU Textures

Oodle Texture creates BC1-BC7 block-compressed textures for GPUs that compress dramatically smaller, with unparalleled quality! Oodle Texture works in combination with any lossless generic data compressor, and is great with Oodle Kraken, Leviathan, Mermaid and Selkie. Oodle Texture with Kraken can reduce texture sizes by 10-50% over Kraken alone!

Compress your network traffic

Oodle Network Compression reduces bandwidth, which saves you money, and gives you more players with better gaming experiences.

Try it!

Oodle is easy to use, cross platform, and super fast. Don't take our word for it, email us for a free evaluation SDK.
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