Oodle Data Compression and IO

Introducing Oodle Mermaid and Selkie!

These two new compressors are the faster sisters of Oodle Kraken, all of which push the boundaries of what can be achieved in high-speed decompression.

Oodle is a library of data compression tools specifically designed for games. Make your game smaller to download, make your levels load faster, and save money on bandwidth!

New in Oodle 2.6.0: Mermaid has improved in both speed and compression ratio, making it even better than before! Read about everything that's new in Oodle.

Mermaid and Selkie are CRAZY FAST!

Oodle Mermaid is our new mid-level compression ratio codec. It compresses at slightly better than zlib compression ratios, but is much, much faster - generally 7-12× faster than zlib! Mermaid is fast enough to use any time you wanted super-fast decoding like LZ4, but with much better compression.

Oodle Selkie is our very fastest compressor - 1.5-2× faster than LZ4! Selkie generally gets compression ratios somewhere in between LZ4 and zlib levels. Selkie is so fast (close to memcpy!) that it can be used where no other compressor was previously viable (such as decompressing data from memory as you upload to the GPU).

Mermaid and Selkie use new data compression techniques that allow them to break through the boundary of what was previously possible in high speed data compression. They are fundamentally designed from the ground up to make maximum use of modern processors.

Mermaid and Selkie are carefully optimized for x86, x64, AMD Jaguar and ARM. They make maximum use of SIMD and ILP techniques.

Mermaid and Selkie get good compression

Mermaid and Selkie don't give up compression to achieve their super high speeds.

Selkie compresses much more than LZ4 - it approaches zlib levels (at 1.5-2× LZ4 speeds).

Mermaid usually beats zlib compression levels (at 7-12× zlib speeds).

There are lots of tricks to get our performance codecs to these compression ratios, but a big part of how they pull it off is new techniques that allow them to use long-distance matches without the cache slow downs that they were previously associated with.

Compression ratio with performance! Now you can have your cake and eat it too.

Part of Oodle Kraken's Family

Of course with Oodle you also get the amazing Oodle Kraken which offers higher compression than Mermaid.

Kraken, Mermaid and Selkie are part of a new family of compressors that achieve a better balance of compression ratio vs. decode speed than anything that came before. With Oodle, you can easily choose the compressor that fits your needs. Mermaid is designed to be around 2-3× the speed of Kraken, and Selkie is roughly 3-4× the speed of Kraken, so they form a range that covers a wide variety of uses.

Oodle has it all

Oodle offers a family of data compressors with different performance tradeoffs, so you can choose the one that works best for your needs. Oodle runs on every game platform, and the data is the same on every platform - compress your data once and be done with it. Oodle comes with a simple C API, and helpers for parallel compression in your tools. Oodle also has a unique network packet technology. See everything Oodle has to offer

Try it!

Oodle is easy to use, cross platform, and super fast. Don't take our word for it, email us for a free evaluation SDK.
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