Miles Sound System

Miles Customer Page

Miles has been used in over 7,200 games worldwide. This page lists both the kind things people have said about Miles, as well as a partial list of these 7,200 games.

For more information on licensing, you can jump over to the Sales page, or e-mail, or call 425.893.4300.

Our Customers Love Miles:

Through the comments and stories shared via the survey, we've learned a lot about companies that are easy to work with, and provide software that is designed well and easy to integrate. The company that was called out most frequently was RAD Game Tools. RAD offers "great support."
Game Developer Magazine - Middleware Showdown
"I've done a ton of Audio programming in my career - both at Westwood Studios and at Petroglyph - and have used the Miles Sound System as a solid foundation to our Audio systems since the early '90's. Miles is reliable and robust, and has worked great for cross-platform development. As icing on the cake, the service and technical support is absolutely superb. We definitely plan to continue using it for our current and future PC and PS3 projects."
Michael Legg, President, Petroglyph
"The Miles Sound System gives everything a sound programmer could want -- speed, ease of integration, and stability."
Jay Rinaldi, Head of Sound and Music, Impressions Software
"They just work! I feel really safe when using Smacker and Miles."
Ralph Thomas, Director of Audio Programming, S.S.I. / Mindscape Sunnyvale
"We finally switched over to Miles - the difference between Miles and "*low-cost sound package*" is the gulf between the earth and the moon."
Cleve Blakemore, Grimoire Systems Pty. Ltd.
"I use Miles and am quite happy with it."
Phil Steinmeyer
"Please pass on my thanks for your help and the quality of the sound driver package. It has worked flawlessly for us from day one and is well worth the cost."
Bill McIntosh, Torus Games
"I can without hesitation recommend the Miles Sound System over any other sound system that is available for both DOS and Win 95. I have used other vendors sound systems and have myself written a number of sound systems for the PC, so I know what to look for, and MSS has everything and then some!"
Andre' LaMothe, CEO, Xtreme Games LLC
"...I have to compliment you [Jeff] and Miles, I am impressed...Saved me weeks of porting to DirectSound."
- David Petchey
"If you want the best, get Miles."
Bruce Johnson, Director of Technology, Maxis
"Since Miles supports DirectSound, I only have to write one API. It makes my life much easier."
Dave Houston, Programmer, Accolade
"For reliable multichannel audio and extensive MIDI support, Miles Sound System sets the standard."
Daniel Bernstein, Sound and Music Specialist, Kesmai Corporation
"... your support staff has been extremely helpful in integrating the package into our development platform, providing timely, detailed technical assistance to our engineers. We have since purchased an unlimited license to MSS. Our kudos to RAD Game Tools!"
Mike Pappas, President, Media Magic
"The Miles Sound System remains the only choice for reliable sound and music support, with a level of functionality unrivaled and a firm base for future products and operating systems. Totally sound!"
Russell Shaw, Head of Sound and Music, Bullfrog Productions
"Miles Sound System is one of the best software we’ve ever used. "
Pham Vu Phuong, VTC Online

Partial List of Miles Games:

Silent Storm: Sentinels for Windows, Ascension To The Throne for Windows
2015, Inc.
Metal of Honor Allied Assault
215 Technology
OJ 2000
21st Century
Site license
2XL Games
Baja: Edge of Control for PS3, Baja: Edge of Control Xbox 360
3-D Digital Media
The Real Neverending Story
3D Realms
Duke Nukem Forever
The 3DO Company
Site license including: Crusaders of Might and Magic
4J Studios
Minecraft for PS3, Minecraft for PS4, Minecraft for Xbox One
989 Studios
NFL Gameday 99 and Everquest
Site license
Site license including: Deadlock, Deadlock 2, Eradicator & Star Control 3
Jedi Knight II for Windows, Star Trek: Elite Force Add-On for Windows, Civilization Call to Power, Call to Power II, Starfleet Command 3 for Windows, Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines for Windows, Soldier of Fortune II for Windows, Star Trek Voyager, Elite Force, True Crime: Streets of L.A., Call of Duty: United Offensive for Windows, Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare for Xbox 360, Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare for for Windows, Quantum of Solace for Wii, Quantum of Solace for Windows, Call of Duty World at War for Xbox 360, Call of Duty World at War for Windows, Callof Duty Modern Warfare for Wii, Barbie and the Three Musketeers for PC, Barbie and the Three Musketeers for Wii, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 for Windows
Adeline Software
Relentless, Time Commando and Little Big Adventure II
Sensor Combat
Turrican 3d
Advanced Civilization
ALTAR Interactive
UFO: Aftermath for Windows
Amatic Trading
Global Touch
Animation Magic
Chill Manor, I.M. Meen, Fisher-Price Ready for School Reading
Virtual Invasion
Apollo Software
Guild Wars for Windows, Guild Wars Factions for Windows, Guild Wars Nightfall for Windows, Guild Wars Eye of the North for Windows
Art9 Entertainment
Heaven's Dawn
Artifact Entertainment
Site license including: Patrizier II, Sacred 2 for Xbox 360, Sacred 2 for Xbox 360, Sacred 2 for Windows
Aspyr Media
Medal of Honor: Allied Assault for Macintosh, Star Trek Elite Force 2 for Macintosh, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 for Macintosh, Space Colony for Macintosh, Call of Duty for Macintosh, Medal of Honor Allied Assault Spearhead Expansion pack for Macintosh, Medal of Honor: Breakthrough for Macintosh, Homeworld 2 for Macintosh, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic for Macintosh, MTX Mototrax for: Macintosh, Call of Duty: United Offensive for: Macintosh, Sid Meier's Civilization V for Macintosh
Backyard Hockey for Windows, Backyard Skateboarding for Windows
Atomic Games
Close Combat: Red Phoenix for Windows
Atomic Planet
Robin Hood: Defender of the Crown for Windows
Awe Productions
SpongeBob SquarePants Operation Krabby Patty for Windows, And Then There Were None for Windows, And Then There Were None for Wii
Bally Gaming
Site license
Berkeley Systems
Site license
Attention to Detail
Rollcage Stage II (Win95), The Incredible Hulk-The Pantheon Saga
Attic Entertainment Software
Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny & Realms of Arkania: Startrail
Auric Vision
Auxiliary Power
CRUNCH! Total Demolition Derby
Awe Productions
SpongeBob Square Pants, Gift Grab, Adventures in Time, Big Dirt Movers
Bandai Namco Games
Warhammer: Mark of Chaos for Windows
Barking Dog Studios
Battle Standard Studios
URUK-Warlord of the Gods
Benchmark Entertainment
Card Olympics (working title)
Bethesda Softworks
The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion for PS3, Fallout Las Vegas for PS3
Neverwinter Nights for Windows and Macintosh, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic for Windows, Neverwinter Nights: Shadows of Undrentide for Windows, Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark for Windows, Pirates of the Sword Coast Linux, King Maker for Linux, Kingmaker Lite Linux, Shadowguard Linux, Witch's Wake Linux, Pirates of the Sword Coast Windows, King Maker for Windows, Kingmaker Lite Windows, Shadowguard Windows, Witch's Wake Windows, Infinite Dungeons for Windows, Wyvern Crown of Cormyr for Windows, Wyvern Crown of Cormyr for Linux
Bitmap Brothers
Z & Z Expansion
Bits Corporation
Bizarre Creations
Fur Fighters
Black Isle Studio
Black Ops
America's 10 Most Wanted for Windows
Blizzard Entertainment
Warcraft III, Diablo II, Warcraft I & Warcraft II, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne for Windows, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne for Macintosh
Blue Byte
Settlers IV Add-On, Settlers IV Mission, Settlers IV, Albion, Settlers II, Chewy: Esc from F5 & Archimedean Dynasty, The Settlers: Heritage of Kings for Windows, , The Settlers: Rise of an Empire for Windows
Blue Fang Games
Zoo Tycoon 2 for Windows
BlueSky Software
Total Control Football
Boffo Games / Rocket Science Games
The Space Bar
NFL Championship Football Hosted by Troy Aikman
BreakAway Games
Emporer: Rise of the Middle Kingdom for Windows, A Force More Powerful for Windows, Incident Commander for Windows
Totally Mad, Ancient Art of War in the Skies
Bubball Systems
UEFA Manager 2000
Bethesda Softworks
Site license including: Terminator 2029, Terminator Rampage, Elder Scrolls Arena, Delta V, PBA Bowling, Terminator: Rampage, The Elder Scrolls: Arena, Wayne Gretzky Hockey III, PBA II, Battlespire, Hot Rod Burnout Championship Drag Racing, Hot Rod Burnout Championship Drag Racing Players Choice Edition & Redguard
Site license including: High Octane, Magic Carpet II, Syndicate, Gene Wars, Syndicate Wars, Dungeon Keeper, Creation & Theme Hospital
Byron Preiss
Site license including: Spiderman: The Sinister Six & West World
Cavedog Entertainment
Site license including: Total Annihilation: Kingdoms & AMEN The Awakening
Canal + Multimedia
Prost Grand Prix
Mega Man X & Street FIghter
Bridge Master, The Dark Half, GrandMaster Chess Deluxe Edition, Trump Castle III, Wayne's World, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Chess Wars, Terminator 2029 & Homey D. Clown
Roland Garros 97
Cats Who Play
Fairy Tales: Three Heroes
Battle Isle 4, Spellcross: The last Battle
CCG MetaMedia
Realware VR
CIM Interactive
Banque Laurentienne Bonquier Personnel & Environmental Awareness Program, Phil-Management by Committment Philosophy
Cinematix Studios
Robinhood: Defender of the Crown for Windows
Lula 3D for Windows, Panzer for Windows, Codename: Panzers - Phase 2 for Windows
Click Entertainment
Throne of Darkness
Climax Development
Robot Wars, TP: 2
Codecult Software Research & Develop.
Prince Naseem Boxing, The Realm, Sampras Extreme Tennis, Touring Cars
The Collective
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Fallen, Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb for Windows
Communication Wave
Trivial Pursuit II
Compton's New Media
Multiple Titles
Compulsive Development
Microsoft Casino v1.5
Computer Directions
Contenidos Interactivos
The Conversion Company
Real Heroes; City of Justice
Cranberry Source
Creative Insights
Screen Toyz
Criterion Software
Scorched Planet
Crystal Dynamics, Inc.
CyberLife Technology
Aura, Creatures
Cyber Warrior
Rubies of Eventide
Site license including: Magic & Mayhem: Art of Magic, Pro Rugby & Spud II - The Quivering
Compaq Computer Corp.
Site license
The Creative Assembly
Stormrise for Windows. Stormrise for PS3, Stormrise for Xbox 360, Medieval II Total War for Windows, Medieval II Total War - Kingdoms for Windows, Empire: Total War for Windows, Napoleon: Total War for Windows
Creature Labs
Site license including: Dig Dug Deeper, Ms Pac-Man Quest for the Golden Maze, Beasts
Cryo Interactive
Site license including: Hardline, Versailles, Dragon Lore 2, Treasure Hunters, Atlantis, Riverworld, Divine Simulation
Site license
Davidson & Associates
Site license including: Code Head - X-Treme Culture, Code Head - Calculated Risk, Learning Center Grade 3, Learning Center Grade 4, Higher Score High School, Higher Score Middle School, Higher Score Mathematics, Math Blaster 1st Grade, Math Blaster 2nd Grade, Math Blaster 3rd Grade, Math Blaster 4th Grade, Math Blaster 5th Grade, Reading Blaster Kindergarten, Reading Blaster 1st Grade, Reading Blaster 2nd Grade, Reading Blaster 3rd Grade, Reading Blaster 4th Grade, Reading Blaster 5th Grade, Kaplan Score Grade 4, Fisher Price Little People - Discovery Farm, Fisher Price Ready for School - Toddler, Math Blaster Ages 6-9, Math Blaster PreAlgebra, Reading Blaster Vocabulary Ages 9-12, Spanish for the Real World, English Express Deluxe, French for the Real World, Fisher Price Ready for School Kindergarten, Fisher Price Ready for School 1st Grade, Fisher Price Ready for School Preschool, Fisher Price Ready for School Toddler, Fisher Price Ready for School Reading 2-4, Say It In English, Say It In Spanish, Spelling Blaster, High School Math Success, High School Success,Excel@ Math,Excel@ Middle, School, Excel@ High School
Davilex Software
Site license including: USRacer, Europe Racer, Paris-Marseille Racing II for Windows, London Racer II for Windows, Knight Rider for Windows
Deep Red Games
SeaWorld Adventure Park Tycoon for Windows
Deep River Publishing
Slob Zone 3D
Destination Design
The Queen Game
Dexterity Software
DH Interactive
Digital Dialect
Abe's Oddworld Oddysee
Digital Disciples
In the Know
Digital Domain
Barbie Cool Looks Fashion Designer
Digital Embryo
Winter Blast Snow and Ice Games
Digital Extremes
Dark Sector
Digital Integration
Apache, Hind & Fig Fighting Falcon
Digital Reality
Afrika Korps vs. Desert Rats for Windows
Power City at Epcot Center for Windows, The Great Piggy Bank Adventure for Windows
Divide by Zero
Gene Machine
DMA Design
Including: Grand Theft Auto, Tank Tics, Wild Metal Country, Clan Wars & Grand Theft Auto 2
Absolute Zero
Dong Seo International
Three Kingdoms II, Coba on the Run, Forgotten Kingdom & Three Kingdoms Divine Destiny
Special Force for Windows
Dragonstone Software
Dragon's Lair 3D
THE INSIDER, Back in Black
The Dreamers Guild
Faery Tale Adventure II
Dynasty International
Flame Dragon Knight 2
Site license including: Alien Legacy, Red Baron II
Site license including: MindTwister Math, Talking Walls, Let's Go Read: An Island Adventure, Let's Go Read: An Ocean Adventure, Thinkin' Things: Toony the Loon's Lagoon, Thinkin' Things: Galactic Brain Benders, Thinkin' Things: Sky Island Mysteries, Thinkin' Things: All Around Frippletown, Travel the World with Timmy, Zap!
Eclipse Software
Inherent Evil
Jonathan CE2, CM1 & CM2
Trade Empires, Death Trap Dungeon, Battlestations: Midway
El Dorado Software
Beer Manager
Electronic Arts
College Football USA, America McGee's Alice, NASCAR Road Racing, F/A-18 (Win95), US Navy Fighters, US Navy Fighters, Marine Fighters, Advanced Tactful Fighters, Submarine, Eagle Eye Mysteries series, Hong Kong Mahjong Pro, Kasparov's Gambit, World Championship Chess, Seal Team, SSN-21 Seawolf, Storybook Weaver Spanish Edition, Peter Pan, Scooter's Magic Castle, The Seven Cities of Gold, Space Hulk, Storybook Weaver, Syndicate, The Case of The Close Tattoo, The Boxing Game & NCAA Football, Medal of Honor Allied Assault: Breakthrough for Windows, F1 Challenge 99-02 for Windows, NASCAR Thunder 2004 for Windows, Command & Conquer: Generals Zero Hour Expansion Pack for Windows, Earth & Beyond for Windows, Great Escapes Solitaire for Windows, NASCAR 2005 for Windows
Electric Dreams
Death Mask
Elite Systems Ltd.
Ford Racing
Halls of the Dead Faery Tale Adventure II, SI Presents MicroLeague Pro Football 4.0
Enemy Technology
Engage Games On-line
Warcraft II
Ensemble Studios
Age of Mythology for Windows, Age of Mythology: The Titans
Epicenter Studios
Real Heroes: Firefighter
Epic Games
Unreal Tournament 2004 for Windows, Unreal Tournament 2004 for Linux, Unreal Tournament 2004 for Macintosh
Epic Multimedia Group (EMG)
Drowned God
Eternal Warriors
The War in Heaven
Europress Software
Rally 3
EYA Interactive
Iris Online, Luna Online, Titan Online
F&F Rohstoff-Handel GmbH
Falk Data Systems
For Credit: Accounting, Algebra I, Analytic Geometry, Economics, Math of Money, Pre-Calculus, Trigonometry
Firaxis Games
Sid Meier's Civilization III for Windows, Sid Meier's Civilization III: Play the World for Windows, Sid Meier's Civilization III Conquests for Windows. Sid Meier's Pirates! for Windows, Sid Meier's Pirates! for Xbox, Sid Meier's Civilization IV for Windows, Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution for PS3, Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution for Xbox 360
Farsight Technologies
Site license including: Nascar Road Racing
Fenris Wolf
Rebel Moon Rising
Firefly Studios
Stronghold for Windows, Space Colony for Windows, Stronghold 2 for Windows
Flying Lab Software
Rails Across America for Windows, Pirates of the Burning Sea Online for Windows
Floyd Design
European Racers, Backroad Racers & Operation Airstorm
TalkChart Player
Funatics Development
Cultures-Die Rache Des Regengottes, Catan
Funcom Oslo
No Escape for Windows, Anarchy Online for Windows, Anarchy Online - The Notum Wars for Windows, Anarchy Online - Shadowlands for Windows, Alien Invasion for Windows, Dreamfall for Windows
Fusion Design Consultants
Miles Xtra in unlimited products
Future Vision
Command Adventure Starship
Game Tek
Site license
Site license including: Sinistar Unleashed, Brunswick First Strike Bowling
Gas Powered Games
Dungeon Siege for windows, Dungeon Siege : Legends of Aranna for Windows, Dungeon Siege II for Windows, Dungeon Siege II Broken World for Windows
Glass Eye Entertainment
Glass Eye Casino Online
Gold Creek Technology
Survivor Ultimate for Windows
Gayax for Windows
Gorilla Entertainment
Gorilla Systems
Flip Out!, Adventures of Barbie Ocean Discovery and Talk with Me Barbie
Ragnarok Online, Requiem Online
GT Interactive UK
SWOS European Championship, Three Skulls of the Toltecs, Z, Motocross, YPA, The Race & Trash it
Gunnar Games
Titanic: Secrets of the Fateful Voyage for Wii, Titanic: Secrets of the Fateful Voyage for Mac, Titanic: Secrets of the Fateful Voyage for Windows
Gunship, Interactive Scrabble, Candyland Adventure & Centipede
Havas Interactive
Casino Tycoon, Tribes 2
Headgate Studios
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2002 for Windows, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003 for Windows, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 for Windows, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005 for Windows, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2006 for Windows, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2007
Headland Digital Media
ChessMaster Online
Heavy Iron Studios
Evil Dead
Helikon Technologies
Cosm (working title)
Heuristic Park
Wizards & Warriors
Hi-Tech Expressions
Home Entertainment Suppliers
Dick Johnson, V8 Challenge
Hubert Ebner Verkehrslehrmittel GmbH
Site license including: Uhungssysiem zur Fuhrerschelnprufung, Suhrersehein Prufong
Hulabee Entertainment
Disney's Treasure Planet: Broadside Blast, Disney's Treasure Planet: Etherium Rescue, Disney's Treasure Planet: Treasure Racer
Human Code
Site license including: Barbie Pet Rescue, Disney's Activity Center, Dinosaur, Nickelodeon Wild Thornberry's Rambler, Trivial Pursuit Millenium, Barbie Riding Club, GirlTalk!
Humongous Entertainment
Site license including: Backyard Football, Backyard Basketball, Pajama Sam Games to Play on AnyDay, Blues Clues: Blues Takes You to School for Windows, Backyard Football 2008 for Windows
Site license including: Wetlands, Deer Avenger, General Mills Baseball, Alphabee
iDream Software
Nick of Time & James in Space
ID Interactive
Iguana Entertainment
Site license
Demon World 2
Image Space
Sports Car GT, F1 2002, NASCAR Thunder 2003
Imagine Studios
Ares Rising
ImagiNation Network
The Shadow of Yserbus, Fates of Twinon & Ruins of Cawdor
ImaginEngine Corp.
Site license including: Clifford Learning Activities, Disney Trivia Challenge, Barney Neighborhood, Blues Clues: Blue Takes You to, Toy Pales: Fun With Numbers for PS2, Alphabet Circus for PS2, Frogger: Swomp Stomp for PS2, Dinosaurs: Shapes and Colors for PS2, Are you Smarter Then a 5th Grader for PS2, Are you Smarter Then a 5th Grader for Wii, Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squekual for Wii, Are you Smarter Then a 5th Grader: Back to School for Wii
School, TonkaTown Immersia
Kick-It & Slide-It
Impressions Software
Casino Deluxe II, Casino Deluxe, Space Bucks, Lords of the Realm, High Seas Trader, Caesar II, Rise & Rule of the Ancient Empire, Robert E. Lee's Civil War General, Breach 3, Caesar III
Math Safari
Tropico: Mucho Macho Edition for Macintosh, Deadlock for Macintosh, Scrabble for Windows
Infogrames UK
Motor Mash & Silver
Inland Entertainment
Imagination Pilots
Site license including: Where's Waldo? At the WWW, Erasor-Turnabout
Blue's Clues Preschool, Blue's Clues Kindergarten
Ion Storm
Site license including: Daikatana, Anachronox
Inphinity Interactive
Site license
Tales from the Crypt
Institute for Information
Multiple titles - Miles Xtra
Interactive Magic
Star Rangers
Star Fleet Command 2, Star Trek: New Worlds (Win95), Star Trek: 25th Anniversary, Two Towers, Judgment Rites & Mario Teaches Typing
Interactive Studios
Firo & Klawd
Interweave Entertainment, Inc.
Voyeur II
Iron Lore
Titan Quest for Windows, Titan Quest: Immortal Throne for Windows
Irrational Games
Freedom Force for Windows, Freedom Force vs 3rd Reich for Windows
Jaguar Software Consultants
Last Ninja - The Return (working title), Street Wars
Joint Forces Interactive
Joint Forces
The Nations II for Windows, Rallye Trophy for Windows, Industry Giant 2 for Windows, Gothic II for Windows, Pusher for Windows, Naughty Neighbors for Windows, Gothic II Expansion for Windows, SpellForce add-on for Windows, Transport Giant for Windows
JVC Interactive
Iron John
Key Technologies
Kinesoft Development
Crimson Order
Knowledge Adventure
Math Blaster Cross Terrain Challenge, Jump Start Explorers, Curious George Downtown Adventure, Curious George Reading and Phonics, Jump Start Baby, Math Blaster Ages 6-7, Math Blaster Ages 7-8, Math Blaster Ages 8-9, Reading Blaster Ages 4-6, Reading Blaster Ages 7-8, Jump Start PreSchool, Jump Start 1st Grade, Jump Start 2nd Grade, Dinosaur Adventure, 3D Dinosaur Adventure, 3D Body Adventure, Kid's Zoo, Discoverers, JumpStart Kindergarten, Speed, Undersea, Space Adventure, Space Adventure II, Aviation Adventure, Bug Adventure, America Adventure, Original Knowledge Adventure, Science Adventure, Science Adventure II, Little People Christmas Activity Center, Captain Kangaroo, Big Action Construction, Big Action Garage, Time to play Dollhouse, Time to Play Pet Shop, What's Her Face for Windows, Barbie Sparkling Ice Show for Windows, Curious George Reading and Phonics for Windows, American Idol for Windows
Formula I
KO Interactive, Inc./Optik Software
War Inc. & Shattered Reality
Koester & Vorhauer / Ad Games
The Golden Mane of Samson and many more
Krisalis Software
VESA Champions Game
LBE Technologies
Silicon Motor Speedway
Labmania Interactive
Alpha 1
Lander Software
Hooray for Spelling, Hooray for Math, Count and Add, Spellbound, and Helicop
Leaping Lizard
Game Magic
Legendo Entertainment
Becky & Tim - Spooky Spirits for Windows
Jelly Vision
Site license including: You Don't Know Jack: The Fifth Dimentia
JVL Entertainment
Site license
Kesmai Corp.
Site license including: Air Warrior, Battletech 3025
The Learning Company
Site license including: Chessmaster 6000, Totally Mad, Cosmopolitan Virtual Makeover 2, Treasure Mountain, Treasure Mathstorm
Legend Entertainment
Death Gate, Mission Critical, Shannara, Star Control 3 and Callahan's Crosstime Saloon, Logic Factory, Ascendancy
Leviathan Games
Target Terror for Wii
Liquid Media
Rosemond Valley Post, Saga for Windows
Lockheed Martin Idaho Technologies
Longbow Digital Arts Incorporated
Tread Marks
Looking Glass Technologies
System Shock CD & Terra Nova Strike Force Centauri
Luna Digital
Bio Feedback Interactive Game
Survivor for Macintosh, Stronghold for Macintosh, Tropico: Mucho Macho Edition for Macintosh, Dungeon Siege for Macintosh, Blues Clues: Blues Takes You to School for Macintosh, Railroad Tycoon III for Macintosh, Shadows of Underntide for Macintosh, Hordes of the Underdark for Macintosh
Mad Doc Software
Empire Earth The Art of Conquest, Empire Earth II, Empire Earth II The Art of Supremacy, Empire Earth III for Windows
Mage Tower Studios
Christina Aguilera Follow Your Dream, MORTYR
Malamute AB
MAK Technologies
Battle Command Battle Lab Video Game, Amphibious Assault Video Game, Spearhead II
Mare Crisium
Stars! Supernova
Masque Publishing
Multimedia Kaliedosonica
Massive Development
Massive Entertainment
Ground Control 2 for Windows
Mattel Interactive
Chessmaster 8000, Mavis II, Barbie as Princess Bride, Panzer General 3d Berlin- Moscow
Mattel Media
Hot Rally
Amazon Trail, DinoPark Tycoon
Basil Baker Mystery Game Day One
Merit Studios
Nerves of Steel, Mega Touch XL
Mesa Logic
Metropoli Software
Metropolis Digital
Star Command
Metropolis Software
Micro Forte
Fallout, Brotherhood of Steel
Micro Interactive
James Bond: The Ultimate Interactive Dossier
Micro League
NFL Pro League Football & All American College Football
Micro Mfg
Micro Game System
International Karting
Star Trek: First Contact, Starship Troopers, European Air War & Many More
Microsoft Corp.
Black Pearl for Windows, Mythica for Windows
Midway Home Entertainment
Bio Freaks, Mortal Kombat Trilogy & Rampage World Tour
Superbike 2002, Superbike 2000
Project Entropia
Mind Control
MIPS Software
Mission Studios
Apocalypse Mars, JetFighter IV
Modular Integrated Technologies
Pecos Display
MOG Entertainment
Whasango Kitoozeon for Windows
Monte Cristo Multimedia
Medieval Lords for Windows, 1944: Battle of the Bulge for Windows
Montparnasse Multimedia
The Moon Company
Multiple titles - Miles Xtra
Moser Baer
Prayer Time Clock
Motion Pictures
Soldier Boyz & Dungeon Warrior
Mucky Foot Productions
Urban Chaos
Mythic Entertainment
Dark Age of Camelot for Windows, Warhammer Online Age of Reckoning for Windows
Mythos Games
Dreamland Chronicles
Napolink Limited
Etherlords 2 for Windows
Lineage for Windows, Lineage II: The Chaotic Chronicle for Windows
Net Devil
New Media Generation
Sea Legends
nFusion Interactive
Cabelas Big Game Hunter 6 for Windows, Deadly Dozen for Windows, Cabelas Deer Hunting for Windows, Deadly Dozen: Pacific Theater for Windows, Line of Sight: Vietnam for Windows
Nihilistic Software
NMS House
Site license including: 3D Pool, Mass Destruction & 360X
Nonstop Entertainment
Sevencore for Windows
Tachyon the Fringe, Tachyon
O2 Interactive
Ronda the Robbers Daughter
O3 Sweden AB
The Outforce
Obsidian Entertainment
Aliens RPG for Windows, Aliens RPG for PS3, Aliens RPG for Xbox 360
Ocean Software
EF 2000 & Offensive
Optigon Interactive
Oquirrh Productions
The Hunting Game, Browning Elk Hunter, Browning Buck Hunter, Browning Turkey Hunter, Shooting Gallery Mahen, African Safari, African Safari Expansion Pack
Orient Vision
Origin Systems, Inc.
Longbo AH-64D: John Combat Simulations, Ultima VIII: Pagan, Ultima Underworld I, Ultima Underworld II, Ultima VII: The Black Gate, Wing Commander Academy, Shadowcaster, A-10 & Fighter Pilot
Ozz Research
Pam Development
Soccer Game
Pandemic Studios
Dark Reign 2
Indy Car Racing & Grand Prix Legends
Paradox Entertainment
Legion for Windows, Chariots of War for Windows
Past Tree
Eternal War
People Can Fly
PainKiller for Windows
Kody Koala's Tree House Stories: Cinderella, Kody Koala's Tree House Stories: The Three Little Pigs, Monkey King & Gone to the Dogs
Per Holst Film
Star Wars Empire at War for Windows, Star Wars Empire at War Forces of Corruption for Windows, Universe at War Earth Assault for Xbox 360, Universe at War Earth Assault for Windows
Phillips Interactive Media
Fighter Duel
Piranha Bytes Software
Pop Top Software
Tropico for Windows and Macintosh, Tropico: Paradise Island Expansion for Windows, Railroad Tycoon II Platinum for Windows Tropico 2 Pirate Cove for Windows
Gilbert Goodmate
Presto Studios
Myst III, Star Trek - Hidden Evil
Prolific Publishing
102 Dalmatians
Pyro Studios
Commandos Beyond the Call of Duty
LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC
Site license including: Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace
M.M.I., Inc.
Site license
Moto 1
Site license
M2S Sverige AB
Site license
Site license including: SimIsle, Sim City 2000, SimFarm, SimPark, SimTune & SimCopter
Microtime Developments
Site license including: Animal
Millennium Rush
Site license
Site license including: Chess Master 7000, Megarace 2, Azreal's Tear, Warhammer, Warhammer 40,000: Rites of War, Chess Master 5500, Chess Master Live, People's General
Mirage Media
Site license
Site license including: Gruntz, Get Medieval, Claw, LithTech Engine, Blood 2, Shogo
MPATH Interactive
Site license
Multimedia Software Scandinavia
Site license including: Thousand and One Knight
Mutable Realms
tba (working title iceage)
Mythic Entertainment
Site license including: Aliens On-line, Independence Day 4, Dark Age Camelot, Spellbinder: The Nexus Conflict, Silent Death, Darkstorm, Godzilla Online
New World Computing
Site license including: Armageddon's Blade, Heroes of Might and Magic I, II, III and II expansion pack, Might and Magic VI and VII and Empire Deluxe II
Site license
Site license including: Virtual Museum
Pendulo Studios
Runaway A Road Adventure for Windows, Runaway A Twist of Fate for Windows, The Next Big Thing for Windows
Postlinear Entertainment
Site license including: Flying Saucer
Presage Software
Site license including: Drawing Discoveries, ChessMates
Site license including: Zombieville, Sentient, Microquasm , Chronicles of the Sword, Blue Ice, P.U.L.P. & Adidas Power Soccer
The Grandest Fleet, The Red Crystal: The Seven Secrets of Life & Solitaire's Journey
Qube Software
Force of One
Rage Games Limited
Offroad, Midnight GT, Incoming Forces, Under Pressure, Dark Light Conflict, and Expendable
Random Games
Site license including: Barbie Princess Bride, Squad Leader, Rules of the Game, Scrabble, Scrabble 2
Rapid Eye|Lords of EverQuest for Windows Rare Ltd.
3 products to be announced for N64
Rauser Advertainment
Ravensburger Interactive
Outer RIM, Evil Island, Massive MP, Evil Island
Realtime Associates
Toon Jam & Candy Land
Rebel Act Studios
Blade: The Edge of Darkness, Blade
Red Lemon Studios
Related Designs Software
America, ANNO 1701 for Windows, 1701 A.D. for Windows, Anno 1404 for Windows, Anno 1404: Venice for Windows
Revolution Software
Circle of Blood
Reader Rabbit Preschool Learning System for Windows, Reader Rabbit Kindergarten Learning System for Windows, Reader Rabbit 1st Grade Learning System for Windows, SpongeBob SquarePants Typing for Windows, Mavis 16 and Mavis 16 Deluxe for Windows, Mavis 16 for schools for Windows (Network and Stand Alone versions)
Ritual Entertainment
Heavy Metal: FAKK2 (Win95)
Rocket Science
Cadillacs & Dinosaurs, LoadStar, WingNuts
Rockstar Games
Midnight Club 2 for Windows, Grand Theft Auto 3 for Windows, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for Windows
Romeike & Curhie
RTV Player
Ronin Entertainment
Legend of the BladeMasters (Win95)
Rothschild, Aaron
Rechnungslegung der Banken & Noevellierung des Kreditwesenrahmengesetzes
Rowan Software
Flying Corps, Mig Alley
CBT for Javelin & Mistral
Samu Games
Artifact - TOS
Sanctuary Woods
Multiple Titles
Rocket Power Extreme Arcade Games, Jessie's Wild West Rodeo, Disney's Two Minute Drill
Savage Entertainment
Heavy Gear III
Multiple Titles
Scholastic New Media
Math Shop Deluxe & WiggleWorks Plus
SCi, Ltd.
Carmageddon 3: The Death Race 2000, XS, Swiv 3D, FourFourTwo for Windows
Screaming Mouse
Spyn Doctor
Shaddai Software, Inc.
The Picnic Miracle
Shiny Entertainment
Sacrifice, MDK
Shipsea Software
Sierra Studios
Tribes II, Lords of The Realm III for Windows, Hoyle Casino Empire for Windows
Silicon Dreams
Dogs of War, WLS & UEFA Champions League
Silicon Entertainment
NASCAR Silicon Motor Speedway
SimBin Development Team
RACE - The WTCC Game for Window, GTR - The Ultimate Racing Game for Windows, GTR 2 - FIA GT Racing Game for Windows
Simtex Software
Master of Orion, Master of Orion II, Master of Magic & 1830: Railroads and Robber Barons
Single Trac
Rock (working title) (Win95/98/2000)
Jagged Alliance: Unfinished Business, Wizardry 8, Jagged Alliance Deadly Games, Wizardry Nemesis, Realms of Arkania: Star Trail, Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny & Jagged Alliance 2
Slitherine Software
Spartan for Windows, Gates of Troy for Windows, Legion Arena for Windows, Gates of Troy for Windows, Legion Arena for Windows
Softstar Entertainment
The Legend of Pili
Software Toolworks
Soft-World International
Multiple Titles
Sony Development
Hyperbowl, Badlands, Quaternia
Sony Online Entertainment
EverQuest for Macintosh, PlanetSide for Windows, EverQuest II for Windows, Star War Galaxies for Windows, Star Wars Galaxies called Star Wars Galaxies: Jump to Lightspeed for Windows, Planetside: Core Combat for Windows
Southend Interactive
Blite-Disc Arena
SouthPeak Interactive
Space Illusion
Spectrum Holobyte
Spiral House
Alone in the Dark IV
Sproing Interactive
It's Your Stage Dance! for Wii, It's Your Stage Dance! for PC, It's Your Stage Dance! for Xbox 360, Schlag Den Raab 2 for PS3, Schlag Den Raab 2 for Wii, Schlag Den Raab 2 for PC, Schlag Den Raab 2 for 3DS
Square Enix
The Last Remnant for PS3, The Last Remnant for Xbox 360, The Last Remnant for PC, Final Fantasy XIV for Windows, Final Fantasy XIII-2 for Xbox 360
Square Soft
Final Fantasy VII
Warlords II
Stainless Steel Studios
Empire Earth for Windows, Empires: Dawn of the Modern World for Windows
Stanley Associates/The Avalon Hill Game Company
Wooden Ships & Iron Men
Galactic Civilizations 2 for Windows, Galatic Civilizations II Dread Lords for Windows, The Political Machine for Windows, Elemental: War of Magic for Windows
Starwave Corporation
Castle Infinity
Stormfront Studios
Pool of Radiance II, Tony Larussa Baseball 3, Old Time Baseball, Deep Space Nine, ESPN Hockey, Eragon for Xbox 360
Strategic Studies Group
Reach for the Starts (Win95/98), Warlords Battlecry (Win95/98)
Strategy First
Nexagon: The Pit, O.R.B., Zero-G Marines, Disciples II: Dark Prophecy, Disciples 2000, Man of War, Man of War II & Disciples for Windows, Disciples 2 Expansion 1 for Windows, Disciples 2 Expansion 2 for Windows, O.R.B. Expansion for Windows
Stunt Puppy Entertainment
'NSync Hotline
Sunflowers Interactive
Sunrise Games
Mutant Penguins
Sunset Entertainment
Star Raiders, Dragon Wars
Sunstorm Interactive
Shark: Hunting the Great White
Entertainment | Cabela's Ultimate Deer Hunt 2 for Windows
Take Two Interactive
Grand Theft Auto London 1969, Railroad Tycoon for Windows, Civilizations IV expansion pack Warlords for Windows
Star Trek: Starfleet Command - Orion Pirates
Tantalus, Inc.
Target Film & Video Production
Searching for the Ultimate Mix
Team Sigma BV
Telstar Electronic Studios
Davis Cup Tennis & Wreckin Crew
TerraGlyph Interactive
Terra Tools
Urban Assault
Dear Esther
Thermo Information Solutions
Virtual Time Traveler
Third-I Productions
Ultimate Yahtzee
Third Law
Kiss Psycho Circus
The Creative Assembly
Rome: Total War for Windows
Red Faction 2 for Windows, The Incredibles When Danger Calls for Macintosh, Company of Heroes for Windows, TitanQuest Immortal Throne for Windows, All Star Cheer Squad for Wii, Company of Heroes for Windows, Kit: A Treehouse of My Own, All Star Cheer Squad 2 for Wii
Tilted Mill
Children of the Nile for Windows, Caesar IV for Windows, SimCity Societies for Windows, SimCity Destinations for Windows
TimeGate Studios
Kohan: Kings of War for Windows, Axis & Allies RTS for Windows
Timeline Computer Entertainment
TLC Education Properties
Site license
Jonathan CE1
Soul Fighter
Tom Tessier
Torus Games
Touring Car Championship
Totally Games
Star Trek Bridge Commander
Jagged Alliance 2 for Linux
7th Guest, 11th Hour
Triumph Studios
Age of Wonders, Age of Wonders II, Overlord for Windows, Overlord for Xbox 360, Overlord 2 for Windows, Overlord 2 for PS3,Overlord 2 for Xbox 360
Troika Games
Arcanum: of steamworks and magick obscura
TS Group
Lethal Speed
U&J Technology
Lords of Ancient Kingdom
Ubi Soft Entertainment
The Settlers 7 for Windows
UBI Studios
Dragon Riders- Chronicles of Pern
Utopia Technologies
Montezuma's Return
Spector VR
Viacom New Media
Vipah Interactive
Hooked on Phonics Letter Names, Hooked on Phonics Letter Sounds
Virgin Sound & Vision
Beyond Time
Visionary Media
Vulpine 3D Technologies
Vulpine Vision, Out of the Shadows
Virtual X-citement Software
Vivendi Games
World In Conflict for Xbox 360
WayForward Technology
Amazing Math
Westka Kommunikation GmbH
Arcatera - Black Sun
Rockstar Games
Midnight Club 2
Sculptured Software
Site license including: WWF: In your House, Mortal Kombat & NBA Jam Extreme
SegaSoft Networks
Site license including: Vigilance & 10Six, Bug 2, Web Vengence
Sierra On-Line
Site license including: Shadow of Yserbius, The Mask of Eternity, Kings Quest 8, The Relm, JRR Tolkien's Middle Earth, Lords of the Realm III
Site license including: Cyberstrike
Software 2000
Site license including: Space Platoon
Sony Online Entertainment
Site license including: Jeopardy
Strategic Simulations
Site license including: Renegade, Steel Panthers, Star General, Deathkeep, Entomorph, Necro Dome, The Dark Queen of Krynn, Dark Legion, Eye of the Beholder III, Buck Rogers: Matrix Cubed, Dungeon Hack, Fantasy Empires, Ravenloft, Spelljammer: Pirates of Realmspace, Great Naval Battles
Company of Heroes for Windows
Vipah Interactive
Site license including: Deer's Revenge, Nerf Junior, Curious George: Early Learning Adventure, Curious George: ABC Adventure, Curious George Comes Home, Curious George Visits the Lake, Curious George Reads, Writes and Spells and Awesome Animated Monster Math
Virgin Interactive
Site license including: Screamer, Monopoly Deluxe, The Seventh Guest & Hardline
Site license including: Pink Panther Adventure: Passport Peril & Hokus Pokus
Warner Interactive
Site license
WayForward Technologies
a boy and his blob for Wii, Baseball Blast for Wii
Westwood Studios
Site license including: C&C Renegade, Nox, Lands of Lore III, The Legend of Kyrandia, Hands of Fate: Legend of Kyrandia II & Lands of Lore: Guardians of Destiny
Williams Entertainment
The Addams Family Pinball
Wings Simulations
Söldner - Secret Wars
Winward Studios
Enemy Nations & Blast
Fort Commander
Wizards of the Coast
D&D Master Tools, Character Generator Demo, Play It! Version 2.0, Pokeman
Xatrix Entertainment
Vertical Reality in Seattle
XL Soft
Rockman X
Xtreme Games
Rex Blade
Ybarra Productions
ZAQ Technologies
Mot Mystere, English and French Versions, Tour de Babel, Zack and the Sacred City
Zono, Inc.
Pearl Harbor: Zero Hour, M. Fatigue
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