Iggy Game UI

Iggy Game UI

Iggy is our new, powerful system for creating graphical user interfaces using content created in Adobe Flash. With Iggy, you create graphics, scripting, animation, and interactivity in any Flash authoring tool, then use Iggy to run the exact same content on any of our supported platforms.

This means that your programmers won't have to spend time writing or maintaining a custom UI solution. UI artists can get right to work using a fully-featured authoring tool like Adobe Flash CS5, and because things they do in Flash will work in Iggy, they don't have to ask programmers for new UI features.

Another nice advantage to using Flash is that there are thousands of artists and tons of pre-written content that can now be used with your game UI.

Iggy is currently available for Windows, Macintosh, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Sony PS4, Sony PS3, Sony PS Vita, Nintendo Wii U, and Apple iOS, but we are adding platforms all the time (let us know what platforms you need!)

You can read some of the nice things people have said about Iggy over on its customer page.

Now, let's go over some of the cool things that Iggy can do, but remember, the best way to learn about Iggy is to try it! Drop us an email when you want to try it! Also, check out this page about the development of Iggy, and remember that you can always see the Iggy version history here.

Reasons To Use Iggy:

  • Easy to integrate - We designed the Iggy API based on our experiences with Bink, so it's very easy to integrate. You can easily get simple Flash content running in an hour, and then incrementally hook up more interactivity between the Flash content and your game.
  • Fast graphics - All graphics rendering is performed in hardware on the GPU. That makes Iggy fast, even at high resolutions. And we've extremely optimized our interface to the GPU on each platform so that the CPU cost of communicating with the GPU is as low as possible.
  • ActionScript 3 - Iggy supports ActionScript 3, the most modern version of the ActionScript language defined by Adobe.
  • Intermixed graphics - Iggy makes it easy for you to display other graphics "within" the Flash content, under the control of the Flash content, without significant performance or memory overhead. Play Bink movies, render 3D models, or do special 2D effects.
  • Compatible with SWF (Flash) files created by Adobe Flash compatible software - You can use any Flash-compatible authoring tool (such as any version of Adobe Flash CS, or Adobe Flex or Flex Builder or Flash Builder) to create content for Iggy.
  • Flash 9 feature set - Iggy supports the major features of Flash up to Flash 9, such as scale9grid, filter effects, blend modes, and MP3 sound.
  • Interactive performance tools - Use Telemetry to see how Iggy's CPU usage behaves and evolves over time. Use Iggy Explorer to examine Flash content running in your game and see which Flash elements are causing the most GPU calls or using the most memory.
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