Bink Video!

Bink Downloads

You can download the Bink players for most PC and Mac platforms on this page.

Bink Video Downloads

The RAD Video Tools
The RAD Video Tools (includes Bink) for all Windows versions.

This is a 7zip compressed and encrypted file - password: RAD.

SHA1                                               Size  Name
---------------------------------------- -------------  ------------
B8FC8A276752E93F2E81A00886FCF737C25050D6       1461042  radtools .7z
The Bink Video Player for MacOS X [478 KB]
Use this to play Bink files on MacOS X.
The Bink Video command line Player for x86 GNU/Linux [826 KB]
Use this version of the Bink player to play Bink files (or compiled Bink EXE files) from the command line (just unzip, run "chmod +x BinkPlayer", and then run BinkPlayer to list the options).
For the latest version of the Bink SDK, click here (you must be a licensed customer to receive the latest SDK)...
SDK updates available via secure FTP.
For the latest RAD Game Tools artwork, click here...
High-quality RAD artwork available via secure FTP.