Miles Sound System

The Miles Sound System

The Miles Sound System is one of the most popular pieces of middleware ever released. It has been licensed for over 7,200 games on 18 different platforms!

Miles features a no-compromise toolset that integrates high-level sound authoring with 2D and 3D digital audio, featuring streaming, environmental and convolution reverb, multistage DSP filtering, and multichannel mixing, and highly-optimized audio decoders (MP3, Ogg and Bink Audio).

Miles 10 Now Available!

New Toolset! New API! New Features! Shipping Now!

Miles is the most sophisticated, most robust, and most fully featured sound system available for your games. Both your programmers and your sound designers will love Miles.

Game Developer Magazine inducted the Miles Sound System into its Front Line Hall of Fame the very first year - the first middleware package ever to receive that honor. Over the years, Dan Thompson, John Miles, and Jeff Roberts have designed and refined the Miles API to be the best possible solution for your game's audio needs.

You should check out what our customers think, or if you are looking for something specific you can check out the Miles version history. A breakdown of the Miles high level toolset, Miles Studio, can be found here.

Next we'll briefly talk about some of the awesome Miles features, but remember, the fastest way to learn about Miles is just to email us and set up an evaluation!

Why Miles is right for your game:

  • Miles is Scalable: Miles has a design focused on delivering gigabytes of sound data and tens of thousands of events to your game without issue, with powerful tools to manage voice limits. Miles 10 can handle projects of any size. Designed for the game Apex Legends, we worked to handle an absurdly complex soundscape, with tens of thousands of audio sources and events required by a game of this complexity and polish!
  • Miles is Performant: Miles 10 blends a cache-friendly mixing architecture with processor efficient algorithms to get the most out of every platform. And when using the Bink Audio format (with RAD's own extremely optimized FFT kernels), you can use compressed audio with a ridiculously tiny CPU bump. Take a look at the CPU numbers for more details!
  • Miles is Powerful: Miles Studio is a comprehensive toolset providing complete control over compression levels, mixing, busing, localization, spatialization, routing, DSP, and game parameterization.
  • Miles works with Teams: Miles Studio allows designers to work on their own assets without generating conflicts with anyone else, which lets large teams of designers work in parallel. Projects are made of tiny text files, allowing easy diffs and multiple audio engineers working simultaneously. Then, for runtime, you render these flexible projects into packed data files with platform specific options, limits, and formats.
  • Miles is Iterative: Miles connects your game to Miles Studio, allowing for modifying, adding, or removing anything in your project instantly while the game is running - all without reopening the game or reloading a level.
  • Miles is Introspective: Connecting your game to Miles Studio records TONS of information, from loading times to volume levels of every voice, to what event started what, to the value of every game parameter. This allows for rapid debugging of the sound scape, preventing subtle yet audible issues from consuming valuable production time.
  • Miles is Rapid: Miles Studio has an intuitive UI with minimal work necessary to get straightforward tasks complete, and for large adjustments, a spreadsheet style editor for bulk edits. On the code side, a robust, straightfoward, and powerful API allows for minimal engineer time to integrate features.
  • Miles is Small: Miles streams and decodes compressed audio on the fly, allowing for a minimal footprint. Data limits can be enforced, ensuring that high demand areas of the game do not prevent important sounds from playing.
  • Miles is Cross Platform: The Miles runtime uses the same API for every platform. Miles Studio content can be tailored on a per platform basis as needed.

The best way to learn about Miles is to try it - email us to get an evaluation SDK!

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