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Telemetry Love:

What I love about Telemetry is that it’s easy to integrate, stable and just works. A while back we did a lot of work to make our internally developed engine better utilize threads on several platforms. We had internal tools for profiling our code, but Telemetry gave us so much more. It was easy to integrate and made relevant data easily accessible even to non-coders. This meant that we spend less time developing profiling solutions, less time in tracking down “low hanging fruit” and more time making the games that we wanted to make. The way Telemetry visualizes performance data is also useful in tracking down certain types of hard to find multi-threaded bugs. This came in handy several times throughout production with a couple of our projects and was especially appreciated when deadlines were creeping up. I must also mention that the team behind Telemetry is one of the most helpful and responsive teams I’ve worked with. Emails are answered (very often) within minutes and the developers are very friendly and helpful.
Chris Gripeos, Engineer, Harmonix Music Systems
Through the comments and stories shared via the survey, we've learned a lot about companies that are easy to work with, and provide software that is designed well and easy to integrate. The company that was called out most frequently was RAD Game Tools. ...RAD offers "great support."
Game Developer Magazine - Middleware Showdown
"Just a few days after receiving our first version of Telemetry, everyone was in love. We use it not only for profiling, but also found it to be an excellent tool when you need to wrap your head around a new area of the code: the visualization of the flows and state changes of the game is an amazing help. You see your game in a new light - often a light revealing exactly where you messed up..."
Peter Andreasen, Technical Producer, Square Enix Europe
"Telemetry is a great product! It was instrumental in helping us optimize our client startup and catch those nasty hitches!"
Joshua Kriegshauser, Technical Director, Clone Wars Adventures Sony Online Entertainment, LLC.
"During our integration and evaluation of Telemetry, the software kept revealing performance bottlenecks in our games we didn't even know existed. The designers of Telemetry understand that visualizing large and complex performance data sets is the key to understanding performance problems--and they have solved that problem elegantly."
Haldor Fannar, CCP, Chief Technical Officer
"I was asked to take a look at server / client performance on the game we're currently working on. In the past I've used a bevy of profilers such as GlowCode, VTune, XPerf and various home grown solutions. We already had an evaluation version, so I took a couple hours to hook it up. First thing that showed up was the server running 8 single frames, followed by 2 frames crammed in. Over and over. This is something that would have been extremely difficult to track with a sampling profiler and, in fact, has shipped that way in previous games. It was recognizable within seconds by anyone looking at the Telemetry timeline tab. That convinced me to spend more time integrating it into the rest of the game, and it was like crawling under an old house with some baseball park lights. It helped debug a case where SetEvent was very occasionally taking 4 - 8ms: after hooking up Telemetry to our job system, it was extremely easy to see the main thread grabbing the lock, releasing an event, and the other eight threads waking up and spinlocking on the event still owned by the main thread, starving it. It also has proven useful to help new hires and contractors understand the overall code flow. They can add new zones, capture, inspect, and visually see the components together with quick turnaround. Telemetry isn't as simple as just running the game (like with VTune, etc.), but I'm not going to work on a game performance anymore without it -visually seeing where times are going, when locks are happening, threads are stalling is invaluable."
Mike Sartain, Valve Software
"RAD Game Tools' tech support for Telemetry is exceptional. They're responsive, friendly and always willing to help. I've worked with several middleware providers in the industry and RAD Game Tools is the gold standard by which all others are compared."
Shaun Leach, Undead labs
"RAD is the only middleware provider whose code and tools don't make us stop and scratch our heads. We love RAD!"
Michael Wilford, CEO/Engineer at Twisted Pixel Games
"The ability to profile modern games is becoming defined by how well you can visualize huge amounts of data to understand what is really happening. Telemetry is rare and unique in that it can so deftly show us a macro view of timeline, and then drill down into sub-frame levels. We now capture and store Telemetry data for every single day of development. We use it to profile everything from tools, client, all the way to our MMO server. If new performance problems are introduced, we most often find it in Telemetry first."
Dan Dunham, Technical Director, ZeniMax Online Studios
"Telemetry is an amazing product and really really helped us in our hour of need. Can't say enough about it or the experience of working with your team, you guys are awesome."
Steve Piggott, President, Torn Banner Studios
"Telemetry has proved to be invaluable in tracking down performance problems in our projects. Using it we found and fixed problems that we could not find by any other methods. In many cases these were very easy fixes; we simply did not have a tool that could highlight the problem. The ability to go back through the timeline and zoom in on performance spikes is invaluable! Telemetry also makes it very easy to see what the program's threads are doing and how much concurrency it is getting. It is an extremely useful tool and compliments a traditional sampling profiler very nicely! Highly recommended!"
Greg Hjelstrom Technical Director, Petroglyph
"The thread visualization is absolutely the easiest and most intuitive way to see how your threads are interacting. Seeing not only how much time was spent in each of your threads, but where in the frame they were running and what else was happening at the same time made Telemetry indispensable for us. "
Courtland Idstrom, Technical Director, Trion Worlds
“Harmonix games have traditionally hit a hard 60 fps with the use of our custom timing system. As our code moved onto more threads we decided to try Telemetry, and went with its powerful interface and logging system rather than extend our own. You don’t just see total timings, you see every individual timing and when it happens in a frame using powerful level-of-detail zooming. This lets you know what you are missing and how timings relate across threads. The ability to save out profiling sessions allows QA to capture problems for coders to dissect, and we can compare changes over days of development. The game hookup was easy and had negligible impact, and RAD support has been friendly and professional as always.”
Eric Malafeew, Technical Director, Harmonix
"As a developer, it is very nice when you find a new piece of software that you can add to your box of tricks, and whose quality is so high that you want to recommend it to other people. Telemetry has been added to this list. Unlike other profiling tools on the market, Telemetry tells you what you want to find out about, and can be used to track anything from file access to memory leaks. Best of all, it is fast, responsive and stable. Everybody should have this, and every tool should be as good as this."
Nicholas Vining, Gaslamp Games
"By the way, I can't say enough good things about Telemetry! It's great, I can't imagine getting anywhere near the performance out of our game without it."
John Scott, Raw Thrills, Inc.
“I’ve been waiting for a product like Telemetry for years. It’s hands down the best profiling tool for video game development I’ve ever used, and our current game wouldn’t be running as fast as it is now if we hadn’t discovered Telemetry.”
Steve Ranck, Specular Interactive

Partial List of Telemetry Games:

2K Games
Bioshock Infinite for PS3, Bioshock Infinite for Windows, Bioshock Infinite for Xbox 360
America's Army Project Office
America's Army for Windows
Guild Wars 2 for Windows
Backflip Studios
Backflip Game Engine for MacOS
Destiny for PS3, Destiny for PS4, Destiny for Xbox 360, Destiny for Xbox One
Creative Assembly
Total War: Rome 2 for Windows, Total War: Rome 2 for PS3, Alien Isolation for PS3, Alien Isolation for PS4, Alien Isolation for Xbox 360, Alien Isolation for Xbox One, Alien Isolation for PC
Crowd Control Productions
Dust 514 for PS3, EVE Online Windows, World of Darkness for Windows
Disney Interactive
Iron Man 2 for PS3, Iron Man 2 for Xbox 360
Gaming Minds
Port Royale 3: Pirates & Merchants for Windows
IO Interactive
Gameglobe for Windows
Kerberos Productions
Sword of Stars 2 for Windows
Lineage Forever
Orihalcon Technologies, Inc.
Quadratura: Immersive Contents Platform for Theaters
Ready At Dawn
The Order for PS4
Red 5 Studios
Firefall for Windows
Riot Games
League of Legends for Windows
Rockstar Games
Grand Theft Auto V, Max Payne 3 for Xbox 360, Max Payne 3 for PS3, Max Payne 3 for Windows
RPG Factory
DK Online
Dragon's Prophet for Windows
Sony Online Entertainment
Site License for Windows
Trion Worlds
Defiance for PS3, Defiance for Windows, Defiance for Xbox 360, End of Nations for Windows, Rift for Windows
Counter Strike Go for Windows, Dota 2 for Windows, Left for Dead 2 for Linux, Left for Dead 2 for Windows, Team Fortress 2 for Windows
Warner Bros
Batman: Arkham Origins PC, Batman: Arkham Origins PS3, Batman: Arkham Origins Xbox 360
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