Oodle Data Compression and IO

Oodle Texture RDO Examples

Oodle Texture works on all kinds of images and textures. It has been tested extensively on real game source art, in all BC1-BC7 formats, on albedo, normal maps, RGBA textures with four scalar material channels packed together, alpha transparency and channels with material properties, and much more.

Oodle Texture RDO usually finds rate reduction that is a good tradeoff for visual quality. Oodle Texture can't find good rate reduction on all textures; on some unusual textures it simply won't change them much. This is by design, the rate distortion optimization model will refuse to make changes rather than possibly make unacceptable output. This makes Oodle Texture safe to use without manual examination of every pixel.

This page shows a handful of images encoded with RDO at different lambda rate/quality tradeoff parameters. lambda=0 is the baseline non-RDO encoding. Click on each image to use the arrows to go through the lambda levels easily. All images shown here are 512x512 portions cropped from larger sources.

Painted metal (BC7)
CC0; by Lennart Demes (CC0Textures).

Medieval modular (BC1)
Image courtesy of Quixel.

Medieval modular (BC7)
Image courtesy of Quixel.

kodim18 (BC1)
© Kodak.

Old saddle (BC7)
Image courtesy of Quixel.

Old saddle normals (BC5)
z component dropped. Image courtesy of Quixel.

Tree stump (BC7)
Image courtesy of Quixel.

Cliffside (BC7)
© Casey Muratori.

Oodle Texture RDO encoding makes BCN block compressed textures which are much more compressible with any lossless general purpose compressor. Sizes with Oodle Kraken are shown here, but it works well with other compressors too. Oodle Texture also includes excellent non-RDO encoders for BCN, and a lossless transform to improve the compressibility of BC7.

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