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Telemetry Love:

Through the comments and stories shared via the survey, we've learned a lot about companies that are easy to work with, and provide software that is designed well and easy to integrate. The company that was called out most frequently was RAD Game Tools. ...RAD offers "great support."
Game Developer Magazine - Middleware Showdown
"Just a few days after receiving our first version of Telemetry, everyone was in love. We use it not only for profiling, but also found it to be an excellent tool when you need to wrap your head around a new area of the code: the visualization of the flows and state changes of the game is an amazing help. You see your game in a new light - often a light revealing exactly where you messed up..."
Peter Andreasen, Technical Producer, Square Enix Europe
"Telemetry is a great product! It was instrumental in helping us optimize our client startup and catch those nasty hitches!"
Joshua Kriegshauser, Technical Director, Clone Wars Adventures Sony Online Entertainment, LLC.
"During our integration and evaluation of Telemetry, the software kept revealing performance bottlenecks in our games we didn't even know existed. The designers of Telemetry understand that visualizing large and complex performance data sets is the key to understanding performance problems--and they have solved that problem elegantly."
Haldor Fannar, CCP, Chief Technical Officer
"I was asked to take a look at server / client performance on the game we're currently working on. In the past I've used a bevy of profilers such as GlowCode, VTune, XPerf and various home grown solutions. We already had an evaluation version, so I took a couple hours to hook it up. First thing that showed up was the server running 8 single frames, followed by 2 frames crammed in. Over and over. This is something that would have been extremely difficult to track with a sampling profiler and, in fact, has shipped that way in previous games. It was recognizable within seconds by anyone looking at the Telemetry timeline tab. That convinced me to spend more time integrating it into the rest of the game, and it was like crawling under an old house with some baseball park lights. It helped debug a case where SetEvent was very occasionally taking 4 - 8ms: after hooking up Telemetry to our job system, it was extremely easy to see the main thread grabbing the lock, releasing an event, and the other eight threads waking up and spinlocking on the event still owned by the main thread, starving it. It also has proven useful to help new hires and contractors understand the overall code flow. They can add new zones, capture, inspect, and visually see the components together with quick turnaround. Telemetry isn't as simple as just running the game (like with VTune, etc.), but I'm not going to work on a game performance anymore without it -visually seeing where times are going, when locks are happening, threads are stalling is invaluable."
Mike Sartain, Valve Software
"RAD Game Tools' tech support for Telemetry is exceptional. They're responsive, friendly and always willing to help. I've worked with several middleware providers in the industry and RAD Game Tools is the gold standard by which all others are compared."
Shaun Leach, Undead labs
"RAD is the only middleware provider whose code and tools don't make us stop and scratch our heads. We love RAD!"
Michael Wilford, CEO/Engineer at Twisted Pixel Games